Introducing Forge: A Neblio Powered NFT And Blockchain Gaming Platform

Forge is a few things really. There are three main parts:

The core backend is an NFT platform, a kind of layer 2 solution running on top of Neblio. It takes advantage of embedding metadata in transactions to represent unique or scarce items (NFT’s). It then uses the Neblio blockchain to fully verify ownership of these NFT’s, and the transfer of ownership of these NFT’s.

It is also a web wallet for game devs and players of their games. The wallet can be used to hold and send/receive NEBL coins, NTP1 tokens, and of course NFT’s.

It is a set of tools for game devs, foremost a Unity plugin (other game engines will follow) for easy interaction with Forge and Neblio in general.


Unity Plugin
The next main step is the plugin for Unity. It makes Neblio integration into games super easy and will be ideal for wider adoption. It is already built and is being used in the little Mech demo in our video. This will really get things going. Simple method calls for all the likely required functionality. Importantly the plugin allows for creating public/private key pairs and transaction and message signing within the game client in C#, or if required a game server in C#. No node is required. Game devs can concentrate on building great games demonstrating imaginative uses of NFT’s and crypto transactions, without worrying about the lower level stuff.

We will be polishing the Unity plugin over the next couple of months. We expect to have a version ready for beta testing in January. We have already received interest from some devs that are currently in the Neblio Developer Central discord group, as well as from a couple of devs outside of this community, so thank you for that. If you would like to help with beta testing please DM us on our twitter page or in the Forge channel which can be found in the Dev Central Discord server, so we can keep track and we will be in touch when it is ready.

Web wallet
The Forge team wanted to get this prototype web wallet out there for the Buildathon and to demonstrate some of Forge’s capabilities. When finished it will be the front end of the Forge platform. Of course there is much to do, and work continues. We have lots of plans for the wallet and many features will be added, so stay tuned!

Forge token
We have now created a NTP1 Forge Token, which will be the backbone of the Forge Platform. During development we will continue using the Demo token as a kind of testnet. More info on the Forge token to come in due course.


Web wallet — Developers and players of their games can hold and transfer NFT’s, as well as NEBL coins and NTP1 tokens. (This prototype demonstrates just some of the final functionality)

Unity plugin — Easy integration for game developers.

Low cost NFT minting — Game developers can create an unlimited number of their own NFT’s for a low price.

Client-side signing — Game developers can develop games that create and sign transactions client side or on their own server. This removes the need for a node (as demonstrated in this web wallet).

Fast transactions and low fees — Takes advantage of the speed and scalability of the Neblio blockchain. This allows for real time in-game transactions during the course of play.

Stay tuned for updates and a beta/soft launch of the Forge Platform in the coming weeks. Give us a follow on our Twitter page, so that you can get all the latest Forge related news as it becomes available.

A #Neblio layer 2 #NFT and blockchain powered gaming platform

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